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Kidnapped daughter in Gaza and mother in Israel both took on Shabbat observance

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Sivan Rahav Meir posted the following message on her Facebook account:

We (my husband Yedidya and I) were about to begin our lecture in Herzliya on Friday night, and then Tzachi Weiss, who organized the meeting, got up and told the audience the following:

"We invited the dear siblings Itai and Maya Regev to this event. They are residents of Herzliya whose family we all accompanied, and who finally returned from captivity in Gaza.

I spoke with their mother Mirit before Shabbat, and she told me the following: In captivity, Maya promised herself that for every Shabbat she was in Gaza - she would keep Shabbat that many times after she was released. She was in captivity for seven Shabbats, and this is already the third Shabbat that she's kept."

Then Tzachi continued: "It turns out that without talking to Maya, far from Gaza, at home in Herzliya, her mother decided to herself in those days that when the children return from captivity - their family will observe Shabbat.

So I invited them here tonight for a lecture by Sivan and Yedidya, but it's a very long walk from their house, and Maya is still on crutches, so because of the sanctity of the Sabbath - the Regev family is not with us.

We will continue and pray for the return of Omar Shem Tov, a resident of the city, and for the return of all the abductees."

I published this after receiving permission from Mirit Regev after Shabbat.

Have a good week, Maya and Itai. And good Shabbats.

Photo: Photos of the Israelis who were kidnapped by Hamas during the October 7 attack, including Maya Regev and her brother Itai. Board near Tel Aviv art museum.

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