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Daniel Avrahami and his friends were saved by keeping Shabbat

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Listen to the amazing story of how Daniel Avrahami and his friends were saved on Oct 7th for keeping shabbat.

English translation:

Narrator: I heard this story from Daniel himself. Whoever doesn’t believe it can call the number on the screen themselves and hear it directly for themselves.

We were at a party, 12 friends together. One and a half hours prior to Shabbat I had a really bad feeling. After Yom Kippur I had accepted upon myself to keep every Shabbat until the end of Simchat Torah. And this was supposed to be my “last” Shabbat keeping it, it’s what I promised Hashem. I said to myself, I MUST keep my word like a real man.

So I told my friends that I was going to leave and I begged them to come with me – at my expense. I’m talking about a group of us who are not Shomrei Shabbat.

Seven of my friends agreed to come with me and taste a bit of what it means to keep Shabbat.

I quickly did a search on and found an apartment in Asheklon. The owner offered to take care of getting us catered food as well, so I booked. We left and got to this apartment just 30 minutes before sundown.

That night (of Shabbat, Simchat Torah) I had a dream. A childhood friend of mine named Yitzchak ben Yosef from Yerushalayim, who drowned in the Kinneret in 2017, came to me in my dream and said to me: Daniel! Just know that what you did caused such an uproar in Heaven that ONLY because of your adherence to Shabbat, you were saved!

In the morning, we were awaked by sirens, but I did not yet know the [full extent] of the meaning of my dream. Later, when we heard about the massacre, I understood beyond a shadow of a doubt how I am ALIVE and not dead! To my great sorrow, of my 5 friends that stayed behind (at the party), I went to three of their funerals…and 2 were taken as hostages to Gaza…

And today, of course, I and my friends, who saw before our eyes the power of keeping Shabbat are continuing to keep it…because more than what we do, Shabbat protects us.”

Credit for English transcript: Tamar Ansh's CHAZAK V'AMATZ emails.

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