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Rabbi Zilberstein emphasizes learning about Shabbat

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Letter #1 from Rabbi Yitzchok Zilberstein: It is a time of trouble for the Jewish People and He will save us from it

To my dear beloved fellow Jews,

It is brought down in the name of the Chafetz Chaim of blessed memory that every deed that an individual does with immense sacrifice, without tiring of it or slacking off, can have an effect on the entire Jewish People throughout the generations. How much more so if the entire community is awakened [to repent] and strengthens [its observance of the Torah] and resolves to improve its ways.

I ask of my precious brothers, that each and every person should learn, every single day, two laws related to the practical observance of Shabbat, as this is what heightens the holiness of Shabbat for everyone. 

In this way, every single individual will be influenced to enhance his Shabbos observance and strengthen it. This is something that has already been established by the Ibn Ezra in his poem, where he writes: “Ki eshm’ra Shabbos, Kel yishm’reini—When I keep Shabbat, G-d will protect me,” and the Sages also say (Talmud Tractate Niddah 73a): “Everyone who reviews laws every day is assured of [a portion in] the world to come.” 

And everyone who does these things is assured that he will be saved from everything harmful, and he will merit that G-d will fulfill all his requests for the good, and may it be His will that we will hear of no more disasters within our borders, and swiftly may we be zocheh to the redemption of the entire world, may it be His will.

Excerpt from Letter #2 from Rabbi Yitzchok Zilberstein: A response to yeshiva students from Mexico who wrote about their fears of returning to Israel to learn in yeshiva.

Rabbi Zilberstein tells them that we are experiencing the times before the Messiah arrives, and that no place is safe and calm, and only G-d can save us. But the Torah protects and saves us. He concludes with the following regarding Shabbat:

And if additionally you add to your Torah learning and establish for yourselves to learn 2 laws of Shabbat every day, then the merit of Shabbat will join your other merits to protect you. In the words of the Eben Ezra: "When I observe Shabbat, G-d will watch over me." And by learning the laws, you're making Shabbat holy, and you'll merit protection from on high.

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