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Miracles in Shabbat-observant towns and kibbutzes

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What happened on October 7 to religious towns and kibbutzes that are located near the border with Gaza?

Sa’ad: Religious kibbutz located just south of Kfar Aza. The emergency defense team fought for 3-4 hours against the Hamas terrorists. The terrorists were all killed. No Israelis were killed.

Kfar Maimon: Religious moshav located between Be’eri and Netivot. The gate of the moshav was closed due to Shabbat. There was a battle outside the gate. The terrorists continued on their way and did not enter the moshav. No one in the moshav was killed or injured.

Shokeda: Religious moshav located near Kfar Maimon. The terrorists did not try to enter the moshav.

Yahini: Town whose residents are traditional, located between Sderot and Netivot. A short while before October 7, the town’s residents decided to strengthen their observance of Shabbat by closing the gate on Shabbat. Because the gates were closed, the terrorists couldn’t enter with their vehicles. Nevertheless, several terrorists entered by foot. They killed 7 residents and moved on. It’s not clear why they didn’t continue to attack the residents.

Alumim: Religious kibbutz located between Sa’ad and Be’eri. Thirty terrorists entered the kibbutz. The emergency defense team fought them for 4.5 hours. Two Israelis were killed. Unfortunately the terrorists killed 19 foreign workers and kidnapped 8 people. All of the terrorists were killed or captured by the defense team or the Israeli army.

Tkuma & Zimrat: Religious town & moshav located between Sa’ad and Netivot. Terrorists did not try to enter either location despite the fact that they passed by them.

Tifrah: Religious moshav located 7 km east of Ofakim. Over 1,000 yeshiva students were celebrating Simchat Torah in the Tifrah yeshiva. The terrorists did not reach the moshav.

Netivot: Religious city with 50,000 residents. Terrorists came to the entrance to the city…and most of them left. When investigators asked captured terrorists why they left the city, the terrorists stated that they ‘saw’ many policemen and soldiers, so they turned around. Several terrorists did enter the city and killed one man. Another 5 people in Netivot were killed by rocket fire.


This report is not meant to detract in any way from miracles that took place in other locations, nor from the brave fighting of the defenders. May G-d avenge the blood of the 1200 who died al kiddush Hashem.


יהדות בבדיקה מדעית - חרבות ברזל -חלק א' - הישובים שומרי השבת ניצלו

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