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Barak Nixon survived the nature party

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To see miracles: "The monsters shot everything around me and bathroom stall for 8 hours"

Watch Barak tell his story in Hebrew on Breslev TV here.

Barak Nixon, at the beginning of his journey of becoming stronger in Judaism, shares what happened to him during the massacre at the party in Re'im. He tells about the unnatural miracle of rescue that he experienced, after pleading from the bottom of his heart to the Creator of the world to save him, while he promised to accept Shabbat observance in full.

"I told my parents that I want to start observing Shabbat. I already lay tefillin in the morning, I have tzitzit, and from now on I’ll observe Shabbat. The first Shabbat went smoothly, the second Shabbat went smoothly, the third Shabbat was the Shabbat of the party. My friends bought tickets and I decided that I’m going to the party. My mother told me 'Don't go, you've already started observing Shabbat', but I decided to go.

"I drove at 4 in the morning to the party. At 6:30 in the morning a rocket hit someone in front of me. There was a big commotion, people started running. I ran towards the exit, where two girls who came with me to the party were waiting for me. We ran towards the car, and the monsters were shooting at us, and people started dying in front of my eyes.

As we see my car, an RPG hits the car. We start running, and all the while the monsters on vans shoot at us. We run and everything near us and around us explodes, except for me and the two girls with me. They shoot and throw Molotov cocktails, grenades, a machine gun, an RPG, and Jews are being killed in every direction. We change directions and run in the direction of the party. We and a few other Jewish guys run in the same direction and enter the portable restrooms. I and the two girls with me enter one of the restrooms. We didn’t lock the door so there wouldn’t be a red marking from the outside, then they would know there was someone inside the stall. We heard the horrors all around us.

"We called out 'Shema Yisrael' and began to pray. We prayed, 'Father in heaven, forgive me. Father, let there be no sorrow for my parents. Father, I'm sorry, I promise you that from now on I will observe every Shabbat. For everything I once did - I will make up for it, and everything that I didn't do until now - I will do with great love. Just bring me home, Father.'

"For 8 1/2 hours we were inside this bathroom cubicle. For 8 1/2 hours they were around us murdering and doing abominations to the people of Israel. During these hours my cubicle received 3 bullets, one flew right above me. The door didn’t open all of these hours despite the grenades and shots around us, and it was not even locked. For 8 hours we are there and not a single bullet hits us. During these 8 hours we only pray, nothing else, only ask 'Father in heaven, please that there will be no sorrow for my parents.'

"People with an Israeli accent came three times and shouted in Hebrew 'This is the IDF! It's the IDF!'. I started to go out of the cell, and the girl I was with grabbed me and pulled me and told me, 'Be careful, it's the monsters.'

"The only thing that interested me in those moments was how I will fulfill everything that G-d wants. After 8 ½ hours of praying to my Father in Heaven, I heard IDF language 'Two in front, one behind to change the cartridge.' I was in the Golani unit, so I know this language. I start shouting to them 'IDF, IDF' from the cubicle, and a soldier opens the door for us and takes us out. I lie on the floor, and I see that all the cells next to ours have corpses. The guards look at me and tell me and the two girls with me that we are the last three Jews left alive in this area of the party. They couldn't believe that there was anyone alive here.

"I thanked G-d for taking me out of there, and I promised Him that I would do everything to make Him happy. Thanks to Shabbat and the mitzvot of tefillin and charity that I do, my Father in Heaven returned me to my parents. G-d brought me back home, there was a miracle with me. I saw this miracle with my own eyes. I I know that the Creator of the world was there with me."

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