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Agam Berger is observing Shabbat in Gaza

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By Yehuda Dov

JERUSALEM (VINnews) — A moving conversation between Agam Goldstein, one of the hostages released in the November prisoner exchange, and the mother of another hostage, Agam Berger, was recently released for publication.

Immediately after she was released, Agam Goldstein called Shlomi Berger, the father of Agam Berger and gave him dramatic tidings: “I was with Agam in Gaza and she wants to wish you happy birthday.”

Goldstein also assured the father of Berger, a religious Jew, that his daughter “prays every day, makes a bracha on her food and keeps Shabbos” while in captivity. Goldstein added that Berger has been forced to cook for the terrorists who are guarding her, but refused to do so on Shabbat even when this was demanded by the terrorists. Berger also refused to clean for the terrorists on Shabbat. 

Goldstein added that “there are many difficult moments, when we left and they stayed behind it was very hard, but she (Agam Berger) is really ok. She’s calm and introspective and she reassures everyone else who is there. She made braids for all of us girls while we were there.”

Agam Berger’s mother described her as “a girl with faith who just wants to spread good in the world.”

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